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"What are you talking about? Don't you trust somebody without a third dimension?"

Perhaps I should add more about Miró than just rough sketches and a cryptic title.
Miró is a powerful bideimensional being who, as his name implies, owes his design to inspiration from Joan Mirós abstract pieces (notice the primary colors)

Although I came up with this character before Prismo from Adventure time appeared, both are similar upon retrospective: godlike bidimensional beings with a relatively casual access to the multiverse...only thing is that Miró is an asshole.

Also, while Prismo projects himself (or a mere projection of his true form perhaps?) over a tridimensional surface, Miró can move freely over tridimensional space albeit his appereance is the same to everyone in the universe regardles on wether they are above, below or "behind" him.

Remember those early 3d games like those for the Nintendo 64? Remember how a lot of items are like cardboard props that seem to spin to be facing you regardless on how little sense it'd make forma perspective standpoint? *Zefrank voice* Well that's how Miró do.

Now, what makes him so dangerous now? Well besides being virtually invulnerable to any sort of harm in a third-dimensional world given his bidimensional nature, he grants wishes...that completley destroys a part of the universe via entropy every time he grants one. The amounf of universe he destroys depends on how powerful the wish is.

He goes on about this choosing his targets carefully, granting them their greatest desires (which eventually become their undoing) until the Universe he is in is practically devoid of any energy and it's fabric rips apart. After that, he moves towards another Universe to anihilate.

He finds the thought of this quite amusing, seeing what he considers "petty and demanding mortals" effectivley brinigng upon the end of their world by their desires. One might think why hasnt he destroyed every universe yet? One could say strong will, preferece to earning your prize over getting it without any effort and general genre savvyness are good ways for keeping this malevolent fae in check.

the amounf of wishes Miró requiers to fully destroy a universe varies, but is often way more than all the wishes from the people on Earth. While this might be a reassuring thought it's not rare that Miró gets lucky by granting an extremely powerful wish that brings the universe to the brink, such as granting immortality or allowing time travel.

When he isn't granting wishes, he is often causing a ruckus within the multiverse, decieving and diplacing people one universe to place them another and watching them try to deal with a world that wasn't made for them. Zenjiro's very few apperances in RPs set in another piece of fiction have been product of Mirós mischief.

Sometimes his meddling causes various universes to merge into places like the M.U.G.E.N. universe; he seems to do this and all before simply because the fun of it and perhaps one of the reason he doesn't decide to anhihilate the multiverse altogether.

All is not blight as Miró fears nothing but one object in particular, the only thing capable of bending space in a way that there's literally no escape: A black hole. If he were to fall beyond the event horizon of a black hole, his bidimensional surface would become stuck inside it's twisted space, his shape eternaly contorting and twisting for all eternity.

The trick is how to make him fall into one in the first place...


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