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 Ok, enough sidetracking for tonight. I'm gonna list a bunch of antagonists (rough sketch for now becuase it's hella late):

Adrian Doyle:  CEO of the transplanetary  and transnational Plordicon, a vast monopoly corporate empire which had it's humble origins as an e-sports company, founded by his father, Harvey Doyle, eventually branching out and assimilating hundreds of umbrella companies under its wing. Adrian, despite being charismatic, having a good sense of humor, being  a genuinely competent boss and fair to his employees, is unscrupulous and largely uncaring about any third party that might get the wrong end of the stick in order to make a profit.  Weilding great political and economic power, he resorts to exhortion, bribes, and using Earth's space marine forces (orsometimes mercenaries for shadier deals) and obnoxious marketing to keep any competition down and the profits flowing. Going as far as evicting  hundreds at Sagan, the city he unofficially (yet practically) controlls, in order to create more space for tourists.

Behind the curtians, or rather behind the other curtans behind Plordicon's friendly exterior,  Adrian is said to be in cahoots with the leader of human sepratists (whose existence in itself is vague and withough much evidence)

The parasite mask (name not yet chosen):  Buried somewhere far away from civilization, by the bordering rims of The Wild Abyss, a relic of the galaxy's ancient and tumoultous past lies in hopes for organic life to find it. Not a mask but a prison hoiiding the last of an ancient and wicked race of parasites. who once terrified  the civilizations of old...If it's words are to be believed. Not much is know of "the mask"  as it is known once it has devoured the brains and taken control of a new host, but it is clearly megalomaniac, powerful and with an annoying god complex. Seeks to seek out and awaken his kin and take control of what was once his empire.

Saguraro Joe:  Leader of the "Death Saguaros" an infamous space pirate  clan setting up base in the abandoned Terran colony of Cathedral, itself host of an abandoned nuclear  station. Saugaro Joe might be cocky, greedy, ruthless and brash as expected of most pirates, but saguaro joe has desires of rising above the rest, for he seeks far and wide for lost technology. Not the technology of the fabled Tall ones or Nommo as people like Olivia do: The secret of nuclear weapons,  forgottten, perhaps intentionally so, by humans of generations past.
With this power, he plans to hold ransom any and all planet he comes across, no matter how powerful. His ambition however lacks vision.

Olivia Parker:  

The Fomalhaut anomaly : [DATA EXPUNGED] Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthugha Fomalhautn'gha-ghaa naf'l thagn! Iä! Cthugha!

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